Rock Stuff

Rock Stuff


Rock Stuff is a collaboration of all the things that we love: loud rock & metal, live music, hot guitars, shooting live band videos and cool rock fashion.

We work out of Horsham Australia in the middle of bum arse nowhere or more accurately half way between Melbourne and Adelaide.

His Story – “If you don’t like what you see here get the funk out…..” A local farmer boy who rocked the bass guitar with a Melbourne based band that did a bit of touring and had a recording contract. Did a side gig shooting and editing videos as well as assisting one of the area’s best sound engineers at live gigs across Victoria.

Her Story – “Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world….” Became a metal head at 12, almost sending her parents insane before getting her first electric guitar at 16 which pretty much tipped them over. Played with a local all chick rock band for 5 years doing pub gigs, bike shows and generally causing mayhem.

Our Story – “Let there be rock….” after meeting 5 years ago it’s been nothing but live gigs, guitars and noise complaints from the neighbours. Last year we made it official and combined our record collections. During our honeymoon we went and saw live bands for 20 nights out of 21, hung out with some awesome musos and checked out music stores during the day.

That is when we came up with the idea of Rock Stuff: cause we needed something to support our music addiction. And what could be a better way than by doing what we love – shooting live music, selling hot band t shirts and tracking down the coolest rock wear around!

PRODUCTION AND VIDEO Contact Mick 0418 382152

RETAIL AND WHOLESALE Contact Jody 0417 551182

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