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Scorpians | Rock You Like A Hurricane – live at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre

There were a lot of disappointed Scorpion fans on their Australian tour with Def Leppard after the legendary German band had to cancel Melbourne and Sydney shows due to singer Klaus Meine suffering an illness that affected his vocal ability.

The Scorpions co-founder and lead singer said –

“We came a long way to finally Rock Australia for the very first time (except for Melbourne).
Together with our friends Def Leppard we have had a fantastic run so far and it breaks my heart to let you know that I can’t sing tonight at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne…
The Doc has recommended that I rest my voice until Sydney and I cross my fingers that it all works out”

And following on from that Klaus released a statement for the cancellation of the Sydney show –

“Dear Australian Fans, believe me I have tried everything to be up on Stage tonight in Sydney … I haven‘t said a word in the last 36 Hours to rest my pipes but unfortunately my voice is not back to the power it needs to sing my heart out for you tonight. You deserve nothing less than the best Performance and I hope we have a chance to come back, to finally ‘Rock you Like a Hurricane’. Thank you for all the ‘get well soon’ messages. Thank you, Def Leppard, for your amazing support on this Tour. Love Klaus.”

But there was absolutely no disappointment in Adelaide!

Now I have to admit, I was there to see Def Leppard and would have turned up no matter who the first band were. And I was mainly of the opinion that the Scorpions were a nice bonus, maybe a bit long in the tooth, but legendary none the less.

So I didn’t have extremely high expectations of a special guest band in their mid 60’s, early 70’s.

Scorpions Adelaide

It is no wonder that Klaus’ voice didn’t hold out for the whole tour, he is still having a cracking go at those high notes that rock singers half his age would have given up on trying to reach long ago.

There was nothing flashy, no gimmicks – just an great hard rock band performing their classic songs, still entertaining with passion and as much gusto as you can muster at an age where most people are struggling to get out of a rocking chair, let alone rocking a stadium.

What can I say, it was a bloody great performance! And it proves once again that you are never too old to ROCK \m/

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