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Seether ‘Poison The Parish’ Melbourne

What do you imagine when you think of a typical Seether fan? 

A mid 30’s male with a suitably lengthy beard and hair to match? Yeah there were a few of those, but if you had of been at the Forum in Melbourne on Friday night you might just rethink stereotypes. This hard rock powerhouse from South Africa attracted one of the most diverse group of fans that I have seen at a live show for a long time.

It was like a mixed bag of lollies:  different shapes and sizes but all of them were lovely and sweet. There we some so young and hip that they could have stepped out of Culture Kings and into the line by accident. Others even a bit more vintaged that myself, but there they were, proudly sporting their band shirts from Seether’s last tour. 

Then there were parents with their kids and hard core fans who had travelled thousands of kms to just be at the show. You could feel the excitement as everyone waited for the doors to open with some having been there for over an hour. One thing was for sure though; there was a sense real of respect and comradery between these ‘oh so’ different fans.

Onto the show. I have got to admit, it was my first time in The Forum and I was suitably blown away. Wow, it’s like the Colosseum meets 80’s disco with its Romanesque architecture and garish coloured feature lighting, but at this point I was more interested in the acoustics than the décor. As we waited we had a chance to talk and meet other fans to see what they were looking forward to, the new album or old favourites. Everyone had their own with a fair few admitting to not have listened to ‘Poison The Parish’ yet.

When Seether kicked off with ‘Stoke The Fire’ the room just exploded. The sound was massive and the acoustics were crisp. As I hadn’t heard Seether live before I don’t know if this big sound was in part from the addition of Clint Lowery from Sevendust in the line-up or this is what kept the fans coming back show after show. Then after the initial auditory delight, it took me a while to find where that delicious growling voice was coming from.

There was Shaun Morgan over on the side of the stage nearly in the curtains. ”Ok” I thought “He is just giving their new addition the run of the stage for a bit” But sadly no. That is where he stayed for the whole night! I guess I had these expectations of a sultry, powerful connection from Shaun after spending many Friday nights in our music room absolutely enthralled watching YouTube Seether clips and Shaun’s deep intensity for the camera.

Did it detract from the sound? No, they played with passion and it came through in the music. And the set list was an impressive collection from their previous albums combined with the best off their new one. But as far as a stage show goes, it was less than impressive, which brings up that ol’ debate ‘When you see a live band is it as much about the performance as it is about the music?’

I’ll leave that one up to you to decide. Check out the clips from The Forum from Friday 25th May 2018

Cover Photo by Marina Chavez

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