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Here’s A Video Of Eddie Vedder Jamming With Neil Finn & Fleetwood Mac’s Mike Campbell In The Men’s Room

A video has hit the internet featuring an impromptu bathroom jam session between Pearl Jam legend Eddie Vedder and Crowded House legend Neil Finn, which tbh is something we never expected to see…. but which we’re now very glad exists.

The superstar duo were joined in the men’s by fellow icon Mike Campbell, who Finn’s been touring with in Fleetwood Mac.

The video itself was actually Campbell’s doing — the guitarist has apparently been filming a series of bizarre clips of himself jamming it out in various bathroom stalls, and this latest restroom acoustic blues jam sesh went down in a Tacoma, Washington (US) with two of rock’s greatest.

Give it a squiz below.

Original Article: Music Feeds

News Written by Emmy Mack on November 19, 2018

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